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Hala Furniture - Stand On Excellence

At Hala Furniture, we believe that every space deserves to tell a unique story. As a leading name in interior solutions, we merge artistry with functionality to curate spaces that echo your personality.

What We Do


We at Hala Furniture have a wide range of beautiful, durable, and budget-oriented carpets. From us, you will definitely find a good solution to your flooring project with the best carpet installation services in Dubai, including removal and fixing services as well.



Hala Furniture has an extensive range of beautiful, durable, and stylish curtains, including home curtains, hotel curtains, blackout curtains, and motorized curtains. Hanging services of curtains are also available with us across the UAE



Blinds enhance the beauty of your room, whether it is your bedroom or your office. We have all the solutions according to your demand for blinds. Awesome blinds come in a variety of colors and designs. Contact us to explore!


Our Core Values

  • Exceptional Services
  • Extensive Collection
  • Professional Team
  • Competitive Pricing

Start to end we can handle it all_ We are offering carpet installation in Dubai at possible minimum prices. When it comes to creating your dream interior,  you don’t want to have to juggle everything. It takes to make your dream a reality. You don’t need to call an interior designer, a contractor, a fabric supplier, or anyone else separately. You only ever have to call one single point of contact. Once you make that call, We take care of you about carpet fixing or removal, curtains hanging & blinds installation from start to finish.

We have a wide range of residential and commercial floor carpets Dubai like( carpets, rugs, tile carpets for offices and home, artificial grass carpets, vinyl flooring ) moreover curtains including motorized curtains, home & hotel curtains with high quality and extensive verity and also blinds for each category. You can contact us freely if you need labor for carpet removal in Dubai. Hala Furniture also providing blinds in Dubai which are in the shape of vertical blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and much more.

Every customer is important, In opposition to mainstream thinking. You can purchase window treatments (like blinds, wraps, curtains, and so on). We custom measure and custom-build your selections to exacting standards and installed them to perfection that’s why we are a well-known curtain, blinds, and carpet installer in Dubai. The outcome: A completely staggering last result you will love. From carpet removal to carpet installation in Dubai we have a professionally trained and experienced team.

Pricing is the final step to buy any product. One obviously checks the carpet Dubai price in the whole market before making a final decision. You will realize by yourself that our prices of products and services are much affordable and competitive in the whole market. Here at Hala Furniture, we are offering whole products like carpets, curtains, and blinds at reasonable prices across the UAE. The reasonable prices will obviously lead you to the best competitive pricing.

Who We Are?

Specialists in Carpet Fixing and Removal Services, Curtains Hanging, and Blinds Installation in the UAE

Hala Furniture is one of the leading interior-providing companies in the carpeting and flooring industry, based in the UAE. We provide an extensive range of carpets, curtains, and blinds with installation services. Here at Hala Furniture, we always try to provide innovative products and personalized services to our great customers. Moreover, we have the concept of giving priority to each customer. We provide elegant, stylish, and durable carpets, including grass carpets, carpet tiles, masjid carpets, carpets for stairs, exhibition carpets, and moreover, wall-to-wall carpets, rugs, and vinyl flooring across the UAE. Hala Furniture also deals in curtains and blinds as well. Do you have a flooring project? Contact us now.