LVT Flooring

LVT Floorings

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is an ideal type of flooring based on its durability and easy maintenance. The budget-oriented LVT flooring is one of the distinct types of vinyl. However, Hala Furniture provides LVT flooring with a rare texture. Our offered material maintains its quality for years. Moreover, we have LVT flooring in a lot of designs, patterns, and styles. 

LVT floorings have reduced the use of natural flooring styles. Because it has all the characteristics of a natural wood floor. On the other hand, it does not have too many demerits like wooden floors. Because it is resistant to water and can bear moisture. Furthermore, it is available in different designs in our available stock. They are available in many colors like veritable wood grains and pops of bright colors too. LVT flooring is long-lasting and can withstand even severe environmental conditions. It is durable for all types of places. You can use LVT flooring for your washrooms, kitchens, rooms, and dining area floors. 

Benefits of LVT Floorings

LVT flooring is available in hundreds of styles, color combinations, and shades, so there is a floor to suit every taste and need. Let’s look at the most important advantages:

The dimensions’ individuality: The LVT PVC tiles can be installed in any room where laminate cannot be.

Environmental sensitivity: The LVT offered by Hala Furniture tiles are good for the environment. All of its hygiene certificates attested to its environmental friendliness.

Resistance to moisture:  The tiles’ high water resistance allows them to be used in the bathroom, basement, or swimming pool.

Resistance to wear: PVC tile is a reasonably long-lasting material that will never show furniture or shoe heels traces. Tiles can last for decades if properly cared for.

Simplicity: Tile installation does not require special skills; a simple locking system allows you to easily lay tiles. It can be installed on plywood or concrete screeds.

Sound: In contrast to the same laminate, the excellent acoustic properties allow the use of tiles in any room, because a person will not be annoyed by unpleasant sounds from lovers of wearing heels. Muffled sounds are appropriate for kindergartens.
Imitation: This tile’s ability to take on the appearance of any material, from parquet to porcelain stoneware, makes it more appealing and appropriate for any interior.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tiles as Flooring Option?

There are countless options for outfitting these floors in the world of decoration and interior design. From traditional parquet and tiling to synthetic floor coverings, each room can be outfitted not only for its function. But also for your expectations and desires, especially in terms of design. For several years, one of the solutions has seen increasing success from both private individuals and home improvement professionals. Furthermore, the above-mentioned advantages briefly explain the key points why you should choose, lvt as your flooring option. Hala Furniture is now offering a premium range of quality LVT with installation services throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our LVT Flooring is very durable and long-lasting. The products we have are made up by using modern technologies. So if you need any kind of further assistance contact us freely. Let’s allow us to make your flooring design the best.