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Mosque Carpets

In short, we can say Masjid carpets are used in Mosques or Masjids to cover the floor onto which the Muslims pray. Are you looking for Mosque Carpets in Dubai? First, we are going to introduce what actually prayer carpets are and why Muslims use them. Namaz is one of the most important obligations in Islam. It is necessary to pray Salah (Namaz) five times a day for every Muslim even man or woman. So mosque carpets, prayer rugs, or prayer room carpets are used to cover the floor. Additionally, carpets used while praying must be neat and clean. Because cleanliness is half faith or belief according to Islam. Mosque carpets are characterized by a niche at one end, representing the mihrab in every mosque, a directional point to direct the worshiper towards Mecca. Many rugs may also show one or more mosque lamps.


But nowadays plain and other designs are available which do not contain any mosque lamps in the market of the carpets industry. From the red carpets for prayer are most attractive even in plain style or withholding designs. These carpets come in the form of rolls of width 4 feet and length of 100 feet only. Carpets length can be varied according to the space of the area. Red Masjid Carpets or prayer carpet made by red silk. It generally embroidered with gilded silver threads representing floral designs in the style of Rococo and Baroque. To gain a smooth and comfortable feel while praying, underlay with different heights is used generally. The use of underlay is optional but many mosque caretakers preferred it to provide comfort.


The most popular origin for mosque carpets in Turkey. Made by turkey carpets for prayer are famous all around the world. Turkish Masjid carpets Dubai made by sheep wool additionally takes colors well. Generally, the Turkish Mosque carpets floor uses wool which is hand spin. A few standards must be bend together for best quality before the yarn used for weaving. Basically cotton is used in the foundation of twists and wefts of carpets. But made by other countries mosque carpets are now gaining popularity also by their finest quality materials, like UAE and KSA stuff as well.

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