Wooden Floorings

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Floorings can give a natural warmth to your living space. It is very popular these days. Undoubtedly, this trend comes with an extensive range of patterns and styles. The wooden flooring is not only bound to its solo use, but it is even possible to use in kitchens and bathrooms. Compared to other floor coverings, wooden floorings in Dubai have their eye-catching and versatile styles. While we talk about the wood material for floors, Chestnut and beech are other local woods that are used to make hardwood flooring. Softwoods such as Landes pine and fir are also used to manufacture this kind of floor, even if in this case we speak of “land” rather than “parquet”. In the category of wood floors, oak wood is durable and aesthetic, and its boards have no knots, like conifers. Oakwood offers good value for money.

Your search has come to an end here if you are looking for the best wooden flooring supplier in Dubai. Hala Furniture will provide you with the best range of hardwood floorings in Dubai and excellent installation services with quick home delivery at your doorstep. Just call: 056-7220399 or leave us an email at [email protected]

Germ-Free Wooden Flooring

Let’s suppose, you are anxious about the germs which can be contained by traditional carpets, wooden flooring provides you the germs-free accumulation. Instead of that, it has the quality to be cleaned easily and quickly. All in all, it is the perfect option for a wooden appearance on your space floor.

A solid wood floor with exceptional durability!

Exceptionally durable, all wooden solid floors are designed to last! By opting for this floor covering, you are therefore opting for an investment in time and above all in quality. In addition, daily, its superior acoustic qualities will allow you to completely isolate the accommodation by considerably reducing surrounding noise. In the bedroom, you, therefore, gain in comfort to risk on recuperative nights! In addition, heard engineered wood is renowned for its performance in terms of thermal insulation, especially if you opt for a floating installation on a technical underlay. Results? You gain in energy performance to save on your bill! As for its maintenance, Already varnished or oiled, it remains minimal.

Exceptional Services in Addition to Wooden Flooring

You do not know which one to choose? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. With a sample and catalogs, you configure the space to find exactly the model that suits you and the number of square meters to plan. It is an ideal solution for a tailor-made quote that corresponds exactly to your project. To go further, As for the delivery of hardwood floorings in UAE, we ensure it everywhere in Dubai, but also in each area of the United Arab Emirates. Once your order has been validated, our representative will contact you directly to inform you of the site visit and measurements, depending on the stock availability. Otherwise, our team of expert technicians will systematically notify you of the time and date of the appointment depending on your availability.

Finally, you can also choose from the different bevel finishes. We have thus selected a wide range of wood floors with rigorous quality control, in different price ranges. If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to contact us on 056-722 0399. Our expert is there to answer all your questions and help you find the type of wooden floor of your dreams. You can also request a completely free visit with the samples to make sure that the parquet will correspond completely to your desires, but also a parquet estimate. Solid engineered wooden floorings in Dubai remain the noblest and most durable solution if you want a distinguished interior, but they also know how to adapt to rustic decorations.
We also offer other alternatives to wood floorings parquet, such as laminate floors or vinyl flooring. They are particularly more interesting in terms of the price of wood.