Stairways Carpet

Stair Carpet

Date         :  October 2023
Location  :  Sports City – Dubai, UAE
Client       :  Home Owner
Category :  Stairways Carpets

We recently had the pleasure of transforming a villa in Sports City by installing a luxurious stairway carpet. Our team ensured a seamless fit, enhancing the beauty and comfort of the home. Our team carefully measured each step and selected a stair carpet to complement the home’s interior. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that each stair tread was perfectly covered, achieving a cohesive look from the base to the top.

The finished stairway not only enhances the safety and comfort of the home but also elevates its overall aesthetics. The homeowners were thrilled with the transformation, praising the quality of the installation and the elegance it brought to their living space. Looking to enhance your home with quality carpet installations? Contact us today for a free consultation!