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Are you looking for the best shops dealing in rugs or carpet suppliers in Dubai who are offering their products at low prices? Then you are at right place. You can choose your desired product as listed above or ask us for a competitive price quote and free site visit with actual product samples. If you don’t have any experience regarding buying the right flooring products then you should get know about what kind of carpets do you need as per your need, let’s have some introduction to carpets in Dubai. Well, the carpets are the hard surface textiles that have used to cover the floors. These carpets have included textiles which are a combination of many materials it includes artificial fibres or natural fibres like wool, cotton, hemp, flax, and other types of materials.  The hard surface textiles are the base for carpets Dubai. Because carpet manufacturer has used the hard part of the materials for its durability at the time of manufacturing. These carpets come in many beautiful colours and design which are available at shops of carpet supplier in Dubai.

Traditional carpets were woven as the pure masterpiece of handmade work before the invention of electric machines. As it was tailor-made work, it took much time in order to make the best quality carpets in Dubai. In the past, the only wool material has used for making carpets but now after the 20th century, there are other materials also used for the manufacturing of carpets which are now offered by carpets dealer. The other best materials include synthetic fibres such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyester. One important thing about these other materials is that these are less expensive than wool. So the carpets manufactured by using prescribed materials give the opportunity to buy cheap carpets in Dubai; which we at Hala Furniture offer with quick delivery and carpet installation in Dubai.


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Variety in Color Collection

Hala Furniture contains best carpets in UAE with latest and trendy colors to provide your floors outstanding look. Make your flooring & carpets projects successful by selecting from this color range, check some of the most popular colors below:

beige living room carpets
Blue Patterned Carpet
Black Striped Carpets
Green Carpets UAE
Gray Carpet UAE
best carpet supplier in Dubai

Usage & Benefits of Carpets

There are multiple usages of carpets like indoor and outdoor, that’s why it is a vital flooring source for every house and building. This also offers the option of low price carpets in Dubai. These carpets provide more comfortable to sit in the room as compared to concrete floor or cold tiles which may difficult for many people to sit. The carpets make your room more beautiful and colorful as it comes with exciting designs and colors. Children often play happily on carpets Dubai instead of other tiles. Furthermore, carpets reduce sound from walking which cannot disturb someone’s sleep. There are different types of patterns and motifs available which are used to decorate the floor surface. From the 2000s, carpets Dubai is being used in many industrial and commercial sectors like retail stores, offices, hotels, and private rooms. In the 2010s, there are many carpets available in the market which comes in different price and quality levels for the consumers.

An extensive collection of carpets Dubai is available from a low price range to an expensive one. Synthetic carpets are being produced in bulk by many factories. So these are used by commercial buildings extensively as well. Hand-knotted wool rugs are more costly and that is a favorite choice of wealthy families to use in homes and villas. Nowadays, carpets come in many sizes and width. For this purpose, wall to wall carpet is a very popular choice in the United Arab Emirates or Middle East countries. Many people of UAE love the beautiful design of various carpets texture. Additionally, a variety of carpets are being used in the Mosques, offices, some are in houses, some are with balconies, some are in buildings and some are in hotels and private rooms.


Hala Furniture always strives to offer the best competitive price carpets texture with elegant services of installation to its customers. Our carpets Dubai price strategy is cost-effective and friendly for your budget. We know each of the customers has different tastes regarding carpet prices in Dubai. Some people may specify a vast and some may have a narrow budget regarding their flooring projects. So due to having a huge collection with us, we offer carpets in UAE price from low to high respectively. You can choose confidently according to your budget.

We are also offering great flooring ideas and best Interior decorations. Here at Hala Furniture, you can get the professional carpet fitting services. We serve our clients with quick delivery and effective services at their doorstep. That’s why our delighted clients claim us as the best carpet supplier in Dubai. We have professionally trained team members who can create unique patterns and your desired designs with time management. So get in touch with us to get either carpets in UAE at a low price or professional fitting services.

Hala Furniture is providing the best flooring solutions in UAE for decades with the latest ideas and innovative styles. Here you will find the best and finest quality interior items like carpets, blinds, and curtains in Dubai with fully professional services of carpet fixing, curtains hanging and blinds installation services. Definitely, the purpose of visiting our website is that you are looking for curtains, blinds or carpets from any emirate of UAE. While you don’t have an idea about where to buy carpets in Dubai? Don’t worry here you will get every answer according to your query, Hala Furniture from one of the best carpets shops in Dubai which is known as the best carpet dealer in Dubai. It can meet all of your needs and demands because of its wide range and huge collection with efficient and personalized services.

Hala Furniture has an extensive range of carpets texture that are available in different stylish and latest designs and patterns. We are also providing a free visit by our professionals with actual samples if you can not visit our carpet shop in Dubai. Our services are not limited only to Dubai we are also serving our clients across the Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and all states of UAE. We assure you 100% satisfaction level to beautify your place. Still, you have any query? Then contact us now

In the Middle East, there is a lot of carpet supplier Dubai available in the market. But are they have the ability to meet your requirements? In a sense of colours, patterns, and stuff. Near to us, some are, but others may not. Let suppose you visit a carpet shop in Dubai with some sketch in mind, but you could not find any of your required product at that place from that carpet dealer Dubai. Possibly you would not visit that place again. So you decide to visit the other carpet supplier in Dubai or shop where you can find your needed products easily. Hala Furniture is from one of those best carpet suppliers in Dubai who can meet all your requirements and needs. Visit our carpet shop and get happily served by us.

There are multiple reasons which make us the best carpet supplier in Dubai. Some from those are the finest quality, best price, fast delivery, professional carpet installation services, and time commitment. We don’t only deliver the products but also offer a free consultation to make your place unique, stunning, and beautiful.


The process of selecting the best carpet is no more difficult, but still, you should need to keep some of the following questions in mind that will lead to the right choice.

  • For which rooms of the house you are planning to buy carpets?
  • What is the expected foot traffic in those rooms?
  • Are there kids in your home?
  • Do you own any pets?
  • What is the pattern of the interior? Which is already installed in these rooms.
  • What is your specified budget for carpeting?

Usually, carpet installation packages are included in the quotation provided by the carpet suppliers. But you should confirm and negotiate before finalizing the offer.

It is a bitter reality that some people are picky and take much more time while making any final decision. Same as the selection of carpets maybe creates difficulty for them if you are choosy and thinking to replace carpets but stuck, no worries! The professionals of Hala Furniture will provide you with the best consultation according to your place. We have a team of professionals with full experience in carpets & flooring. So without any hesitation, buy from the best carpet supplier in UAE.

If you don’t find any query in FAQ’s section according to your need, then you can contact us freely. We are available to answer your queries about carpets.

Gently vacuum your carpet at least once in a day, with three vacuum cleaner moves for lightly soiled places and five to seven moves for intensely soiled/high traffic places.

You can measure the size of your required carpet on your own. Just get the measurement tape and calculate the length and width of place in square meters or square feet. But in most of the cases, people take the wrong size which resulted in less ordered quantity than the actual need of carpets. So we offer a free site visit for measurement to avoid any measurement misleading with real product samples. So you can check the actual quality of the carpet.

Underlay and carpeting are intended to operate together as a whole floor system and underlay must always be utilized. Consult your retailer to coincide with a quality underlay together with the high quality and suggested use of your carpeting.