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Are you looking for the best shops dealing in rugs or carpet suppliers in Dubai who are offering their products at low prices? Then you are at right place. You can choose your desired product as listed above or ask us for a competitive price quote and free site visit with actual product samples. If you don’t have any experience regarding buying the right flooring products then you should get know about what kind of carpets do you need as per your need, let’s have some introduction to carpets in Dubai. Well, the carpets are the hard surface textiles that have used to cover the floors. These carpets have included textiles which are a combination of many materials it includes artificial fibers or natural fibers like wool, cotton, hemp, flax, and other types of materials. The hard surface textiles are the base for carpets Dubai. Because carpet manufacturer has used the hard part of the materials for its durability at the time of manufacturing. These carpets come in many beautiful colours and design which are available at shops of carpet supplier in Dubai.

Traditional V/S Modern Carpets – Overview

Traditional carpets were woven as the pure masterpiece of handmade work before the invention of electric machines. As it was tailor-made work, it took much time in order to make the best quality carpets in Dubai. In the past, the only wool material has used for making carpets but now after the 20th century, there are other materials also used for the manufacturing of carpets which are now offered by carpets dealer. The other best materials include synthetic fibers such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyester. One important thing about these other materials is that these are less expensive than wool. So the carpets manufactured by using prescribed materials give the opportunity to buy cheap carpets in Dubai; which we at Hala Furniture offer with quick delivery and carpet installation in Dubai.

Hala Furniture : The Best Carpet Supplier in UAE

We are proud of the best carpets and rug collections. Due to the wide Extensive collection of carpets in Dubai, the Hala Furniture, is particularly popular with decorators and interior designer.

Worth to Contact Us – Why?

• The geography of our variety of collection is unique. We have thousands of rugs handcrafted by the best artisans from UK, France, Egypt, Turkey,  Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, India, China, Nepal, Afghanistan and Tibet. Its production technology is unique and is passed down from generation to generation.

• The widest range of hand-made tapestries and rugs in Dubai: there are around 20,000 unique designs in stock. They will decorate your interior and take their place in a private collection.

• Here you will find classic and designer made rugs, antique handcrafted rugs and tapestries, as well as rugs from leading European manufacturers.

• A unique collection of handmade rugs in non-standard sizes.

• We offer the client interior design and visit of the designer to any city in UAE. Assembly is possible with us at any time convenient for you.

• Comfortable prices. When buying rugs from us, you can always be sure of the fairness of the price. The value of rugs increases dramatically over the years.

Ask questions and seek advice. We are waiting for you at Hala Furniture.

Some Of Our Carpets & Flooring Products

Carpet Tiles 700x466

Carpet Tiles

Mosque Carpets 700x466

Masjid Carpets

Stairs Carpets 700x466

Stairs Carpets

Exhibition Carpets 700x466

Exhibition Carpets

Fabric Carpets 700x466

Fabric Carpets

Office Carpets 700x466

Office Carpets

Sisal Carpets 700x466

Sisal Carpets

outdoor carpets 700x466

Outdoor Carpets

Wall to Wall Carpet 700x466

Wall to Wall Carpets

Hala Furniture always strives to offer the best competitive price carpets texture with elegant services of installation to its customers. Our carpets Dubai price strategy is cost-effective and friendly for your budget. We know each of the customers has different tastes regarding carpet prices in Dubai. Some people may specify a vast and some may have a narrow budget regarding their flooring projects. So due to having a huge collection with us, we offer carpets in UAE price from low to high respectively. You can choose confidently according to your budget.

We are also offering great flooring ideas and best Interior decorations. Here at Hala Furniture, you can get the professional carpet fitting services. We serve our clients with quick delivery and effective services at their doorstep. That’s why our delighted clients claim us as the best carpet supplier in Dubai. We have professionally trained team members who can create unique patterns and your desired designs with time management. So get in touch with us to get either carpets in UAE at a low price or professional fitting services.

Our company is engaged in retail sale of carpets, carpet tiles, prayer mats, rugs, sheepskin, bathroom rugs, grass carpets, all kinds of flooring, curtains and variety of blinds. We are constantly expanding our range and carefully monitoring the quality of our products.

When choosing a carpet, we advise you to pay attention to:
Composition. Natural or synthetic carpets. The price, maintenance rules and the service life of the carpet depend on this.
Density. The higher the density, the longer the carpet will last.
Style. Designers advise buying carpets last, when there is already an opportunity to imagine how the product will look in the interior of the room.
Color. Light carpets will visually enlarge the space, dark ones will reduce it.