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Flooring in Dubai has major importance in the designs of entire interiors. It can be found in a variety of styles today. By using the latest technologies, the manufacturers allow you to create more and more perfect finishing materials. So in the field of flooring, a completely unique material appeared on the market which is Polymer. Recently, self-leveling polymer floors are widely used in the decoration of home floors, gyms, sports clubs, shopping centers, and commercial buildings, Polymeric materials are widely used because of their undeniable properties and quality, which protect the floor from external mechanical damage, are resistant to humidity and sudden changes in temperature, have good wear resistance and have an attractive appearance. Further, it allows you to create excellent and rare designs. However, we have interior experts though, they will assist you in process of selecting the right one compatible with your whole interior design.

Advantages of PVC floorings :

  • These kinds of floorings are easy to wash and clean without clogging dust and dirt into floor cracks.
  • High wear resistance makes it impossible to damage the surface as a result of impacts, intense friction, excess moisture, and temperature changes. So the PVC floorings can last for many years without additional floor restoration and repair.
  • Safe material, the quality of which is confirmed by the presence of an appropriate certificate. The structure of the floorings does not contain toxic components and chemical elements that can cause allergic reactions in humans.
  • Aesthetic appearance allows you to create attractive and original interiors. A wide variety of color palettes makes it possible to choose a floor covering that harmoniously combines with the entire finish.

Renovate your floorings in Dubai with our premium quality products

Hala Furniture, as one of the UAE’s leading suppliers and distributors of floorings, offers innovative solutions for public spaces in various segments: healthcare, education, shops, shopping centers, hotels, cafes and restaurants, offices, and sports halls. Here with us, the extensive range of flooring includes vinyl, natural linoleum, carpet, parquet, and laminate. With a constant focus on improving the lives of its customers and the environment, Hala Furniture creates quality, safe design spaces. With our premium quality products, we are also offering excellent delivery, and installation services across the UAE at a very reasonable cost.

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