Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Shag or Shaggy rugs are another class of floor rugs that consist of thick and long piles. It is known as shaggy rugs due to their length because shag means a beard that is thick and long. Shag carpets are beautiful, soft and a source of comfort from other carpets. Many people preferred shaggy carpets instead of other textured carpets. If you want to buy the best and most luxurious shaggy rugs from Dubai, of course then you are at the right place. These kinds of rugs are very popular in America and Turkey but are also commonly used in Dubai.

 Shaggy Rugs – Modern Collection with Beautiful Colors

Shag rugs are a source of comfort, joy, and beauty. Different colors like white, gray, green, pink, red, purple, beige yellow, navy blue, and cream with the fine quality of shag increase the beauty of homes. Now, these rugs are available in all neutral colors like white and beautiful blush shades of pink. In the past, a shaggy rug was considered a lousy rug because it had no qualities of cool and comfort. But now it is very modern and unique. A long length or thick pile and the addition of wool increase its quality. Moreover, for your living room, you should select a colorful shaggy rug matching your interior color, because it makes the room stunning and eye-catchy.

Characteristics of shaggy rugs

Different types of carpets have different qualities and importance according to place and environment. So shag rugs are not commonly used in local places. These are rare and expensive.
Here you can find some qualities of shaggy rugs.

  • Available in different and attractive colors which increase the beauty of your space.
  • These carpets have too many themes.
  • Shaggy carpets are flexible, soft, and comfortable.
  • These carpets are easily available in Dubai at reasonable prices.
  • Shaggy rugs are stain-resistant, and fireproof if they are made up of natural material.
  • These carpets are highly durable and fit in every decor.

Why should you choose us?

It’s been a long time, we are the best provider and installer of shaggy rugs in Dubai. Our shaggy rugs, which consist of long piles, can give a stunning and comfortable look to your home. Moreover, quality is our first priority. We never compromise on quality standards. We have the best installer for any kind of curtain hanging, blind installation, and carpet fixing services. If you want to buy standard shaggy carpets from us, you can easily reach us for outdoor and indoor shag carpets online in Dubai.

Our shag carpets are made of 100% natural materials. Therefore, we design our carpets according to customer requirements and needs. We also provide all other types of carpets. If you want more information about us and about carpets, then feel free to contact us through this webpage and our contact number which is mentioned.

Modern Shaggy Rugs Designs

Available Types of Shag Rugs


Wool is a compulsory material used in the making of carpets. The wool shag rug is available at every rug store, meaning it is easily accessible and findable. Shag wool rug is very soft, comfortable, and functional in different colors.


Flokati shag rug is made in Greece. It entirely consists of cloth and rug backing. It is also available at our store in huge amounts and in different colors.


As clear from the name this type of shaggy rug is made of leather. Moreover, the leather shag rug is made up of hand-knotted leather material.


The synthetic shag rug is made up of synthetic materials like plastic resin, polyester, acrylic, and viscose.