Vinyl Floorings

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring Dubai is a newer type of flooring that is made from synthetic material polyvinyl chloride. It is a highly versatile material that can be made to look like other natural materials such as wood. This type of flooring is a cost-efficient substitute for other types of natural flooring and requires less maintenance. Another plus point is that it does not scratch or dent as easily as parquet flooring. If scratched, it is easier and cheaper to fix the scratches on vinyl flooring, unlike parquet flooring. Vinyl is also a good substitute for those who are considering other types of PVC flooring as it is made from more environmentally-friendly materials that are less harmful to one’s health.

Buy Best Vinyl Flooring at a Discounted Price

Vinyl flooring Dubai features some of the industry’s most advanced performance and design technologies available. Offering rich visuals and lasting value, luxury vinyl floors have become one of the most popular choices among today’s customers. Our exclusive vinyl brands, including Invincible Luxury Vinyl Plank, offer the latest trends in luxury vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and sheet vinyl styles. Vinyl flooring is wood flooring made out of different geometrical shapes and the types of patterns that one can choose from are endless. One also gets to decide what type of wood to use in the tessellation of patterns. Due to the homely feel that vinyl flooring adds to a home’s character, it is a popular choice for many. Vinyl flooring has a comfortable underfoot touch and is warmer than tiles. This keeps the house warm and cozy during chilly stormy days or when the temperature dips low at night. We have a variety of lvt vinyl and planks available at discounted rates among vinyl flooring suppliers.

How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Some key points to take note of when cleaning vinyl flooring. Cleaning is simple and only requires sweeping, vacuuming, and particular mopping. If vacuuming, one must be careful not to use a vacuum with a beater bar because that can cause dirt stuck in the vacuum brush to scratch the lvt flooring. To protect it, one should use furniture socks for the legs of chairs and tables. The choice of vinyl flooring ultimately boils down to budget and preference. Vinyl flooring in Dubai is a good option for those who desire “woody” flooring but cannot afford pure wooden floors due to its tough maintenance. The major reasons are kids and pets that induce a higher scratch rate on the beautiful wood flooring.