office carpet durability


One of the main things, a customer looking for in every office carpet is “Durability”. It refers to the office carpet span of life which depends upon some of the following factors.

Office Carpet Backing:

The most important factor affecting durability is the support of the office carpet. In slabs with a rigid support, the carpet fibers absorb the effects of straight foot movement, acting on the fibers and reducing the appearance of the office carpet. The padded backrests help absorb some of the effects of movement while reducing fiber wear.

Generally, cell cushioning is used as the backing of the office carpet tiles, but due to its short durability, it would not work for a long time. Moreover, It also will be spoiled by heavy foot traffic soon. On the other hand, The open chamber provides better protection behind the pillow. Rather than degrading over time, the open-cell backing “swells” after compression, making the carpet fibers more effective and more protective than closed-cell carpet backing

Color & Design:

The 2nd most important factor is the design and color of your carpet. Especially in large organizations, your cleaner cannot find and clean all stains from all spills, so it is important to save office carpets from stains.

Color and pattern are important factors, as any patterned or dark gallbladder hides coffee spills and other stains more or less of a light color without a pattern. How it will look ten years from now and what you think when you leave the factory is very important.

office carpet colors and designs

Construction of Fibers:

A stiffer shape can be achieved at the time of fiber construction. Office carpets fibers can be processed to improve dimensional stability by thermally correcting the fibers and bending the fibers to a stronger shape. These processes will affect as the result of durability improvement rather than raw yarns.

office carpet fibers

Thread Density:

In short, the carpet’s life will be longer if the carpet pile is arranged thicker. This is because there are multiple threads to be worn or twisted.

As you walk on the carpet, the fibers of the office carpet flex and rub against each other. It results in friction that leaves the carpet out. However, if the carpet pile is very compact, it will not move as much and less movement of the carpet pile means less friction, less wear and tear, and a more durable carpet.

Office Carpets Thread Density

Type of Nylon:

Most manufacturers offer two types of nylon fibers, namely nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. These two types of fibers are often considered to be nearly identical, but each has a different effect on the functionality and durability of the carpet.

Nylon 6.6 is much stronger and therefore more durable than nylon 6 but makes nylon more difficult to process. The 6.6 because the fibers are harder to break. This creates a trade-off between recyclability and sustainability and is an additional factor in tile selection.

Nylon Types

Protection Performance From Dirt & Stains:

Most manufacturers offer carpet tiles without stains or dirt protection. This means the carpet is treated to dislodge dust, causing it more relaxed to clean. However most important, design and color are the factors that will have a greater influence on the durability of your carpet than shielding your floor or stains.

office carpet protection performance

Office Carpet Wight

Front weight is the actual weight of the fiber used to make the carpet.  You may be not right If you think a heavy blanket will be more durable than a lightweight mesh. The pile height (the thickness of the carpet from the back to the surface) is a factor in determining the weight of the carpet. Generally, the smaller the pile of the carpet (and the lighter weight of the face), the less likely you will bend and wear yarn due to pedestrian traffic.

However, low-pile carpets may not look as good as long-pile products, and large-pile products have relatively little weight impact if not installed in the utmost conditions. The boards are of low strength. Therefore, not only the face weight but also other more important factors affect the durability of the rug.

Office Carpet Tiles Weight

External Factors:

7 previously describes factors that mainly analyze the composition of office carpets. But external factors like pedestrian traffic and maintenance also play an important role.

It is important to select office carpets that are appropriate for the level of foot traffic in each area of your office (learn more about minimizing risks when buying new flooring for more information).

And after installing the mat, maintenance is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of the mat. While there is no one size fits all program (all of your cleaning requirements will vary from time to time), your cleaning program should include vacuuming and deep cleaning to maximize the life of the carpet.