How To Choose Carpet Tiles in UAE

How to select the best carpet tiles in UAE?

Office Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles appeared on the market in the twenty 1st century. During this time, it was able to establish itself as a worthy and high-quality carpet. European raw materials and quality control at all stages of production allowed us not only to release our main collections but also to significantly increase the range. Today we offer carpet tiles that can be used to create exciting solutions for commercial premises of any complexity and budget.

Attractive designs and quality of the manufactured product, a large palette of colours, wear resistance corresponding to the use in commercial premises, a variety of size ranges (from 50×50 cm to 100×200 cm), a large warehouse program and fast and high-quality service, allow us to take one of the leading positions in UAE in this market.

Hala Furniture floor decoration is of great importance in modern interiors. Particular attention is paid to design, sound insulation and practicality. The ease of use of the floor should be present by itself. Floor covering manufacturers provide their customers with a variety of options because there are a huge number of materials for flooring. For the last 10 years in UAE, carpet tiles have been holding the top among floor coverings.

Briefly About Carpet Tiles

In the West, carpet tiles have been used for more than a year, one might say “they ate more than one dog on this,” but in UAE this material is only gaining popularity. Carpet Tiles UAE are a comfortable and durable material; besides, they surpass all other types of floor coverings in terms of decorative parameters. Carpet is considered the prototype of carpet tiles because it can be obtained by cutting into squares of some size with a bitumen or PVC base. Another name for such a tile, which you have probably already met, is tiled carpet. Consider the benefits of carpet tiles; Easily transported (a huge plus for those who need to put tiled carpet in an office with many floors).

Carpet Tiles Fixing

From one carpet tile option, with a specific colour and design, you can create several fixing solutions. Based on this, we can say that no matter how the tiles are laid, you still end up with a creative addition to your apartment or office interior. Since, in some cases, tiled carpet is laid on a raised floor (under which communications are laid), you will have quick and easy access to any area of ​​the covering.

  • It is easy to clean from dust and dirt and allows you to replace unusable tiles separately from the entire coating.
  • Excellent noise and sound insulation.
  • High wear resistance of the material.

Tiled Carpet Layers and Their Functions:

The main coating layer consists of bituminous mass and fibreglass reinforced. The bituminous mass, based on the name, should be made of bitumen, but besides it, chalk is present in it, and the main material is only 20% of the total mass. A layer of bitumen is located on both sides of the fibreglass. Due to this specificity, carpet tiles are elastic, and durable and do not change their geometric parameters (width, diagonal length).

The secondary layer is tufted and includes a material that creates a pile, which can be combined, needle-punched, split and looped. Even before the tiles are produced, the tufted layer is painted. It is worth paying attention to the fact that repair professionals choose tile to carpet, in which the thread is 100% polyamide (PA) and dyed throughout the mass. Such tiles are more expensive and of the highest quality. If you are looking to buy carpet tiles at a lower price, you can consider options in polypropylene or polyolefin. It is worth noting that in this case, you are sacrificing the durability and lightfastness of the material. From an aesthetic point of view, this material will lose its beautiful appearance faster.

Criteria for the Correct Selection of Carpet Tiles

First of all, evaluate what is the permeability in the room in which you want to lay carpet tiles. If you want to use tiles in a public space, office, or sales area, then you need to choose a tiled carpet with a dense pile, for example, looped, needle-punched or micro-tufted. In the case of matching carpets for residential premises, we recommend split-pile carpet tiles.

After selecting the desired pile density option, figure out what style you want the tile in. You can act conservatively and choose a monochromatic material, otherwise, combine different colours. One way or another, the appearance of a tiled carpet will be unsurpassed.

Shades Carpet Tiles

As we have already said, the best indicator of the quality of carpet tiles is the primary base on dyed polyamide. Our tile has this indicator, besides it is wear-resistant and light-resistant, unlike other analogues. As befits carpet tiles, our product is impregnated (Ultra-Fresh) against various kinds of bacteria. It is protected from contamination, which allows it to be used not only at home but also in public places. To maintain this level of quality, tiles undergo three stages of quality control – control of size, weight and appearance at the finish line, during production and at the very start.

Object Carpet Tiles

Adhering to the set directions and ideas for development, we began to offer interesting options for cooperation with potential partners and took the first step to distribute our products throughout the United Arab Emirates. We use such equipment that allows us to produce tiles with smooth and seamless joints.