Carpet Tiles Installation Precautions

Carpet Tiles Installation Methods and Process

Carpet Tiles Installation Laying Tools:

cutter and scissors/scraper/spatula/interface roller/flattening roller/glue or Eco-sticker

Carpet Tile Installation; Laying Conditions and Methods:

1) The laying ground requires a high level of flatness:

Because the thickness and squareness of the square carpet are quite accurate, if it is laid on an uneven floor, there will inevitably be traces of seams. Choose the starting point: According to the length and width shape of the room and the laying plan, after calculation, make sure that the last piece of carpet tile to the surrounding walls has a certain width (20cm-50cm), so the starting point is general Not near any wall. Use an ink fountain to play two long cross lines at this starting point. The intersection must be at a right angle. Then lay it on all sides at this point.

Ground Flatness For Carpet Installation
Ground Flatness For Carpet Installation

2) Pay attention to directionality:

There are printed arrows on the back of each carpet, reflecting the same tufting direction of the carpet surface. When laying, pay attention to keeping the direction consistent along with the arrows, because even with the same color number and the same batch of carpets, Only when the laying directions are exactly the same, will there be no visual color difference. Therefore, tiled carpets in exactly the same direction can achieve the visual effect of general carpets. If you need special effects or according to some carpet surface pattern characteristics (such as regular striped carpet surface), you can also use blocks to lay vertically at the time of carpet tiles installation.

Carpet Tiles Installation Direction
Carpet Tiles Installation Direction

3) Block top tightly:

If the ground is flat and the four blocks of the starting point intersect at one point, any four blocks that continue to be paved should intersect at one point. Otherwise, it is not because of the size or right angle of the carpet that it is not tightly laid. There will inevitably be seaming problems and should be reworked. Copy cutting: Finally, it is necessary to make appropriate cutting according to the shape of the wall and the pillar to achieve the effect of a tight fit. Fixing of the open side: It is best to buy a special carpet side batten when laying to the door or other open sides.

Block top tightly in carpet tiles installation
Block top tightly in carpet tiles installation

Carpet tile installation-finishing:

1) After the carpet is laid, check the overall effect, and if there are suede seams, you can make appropriate adjustments, such as swapping between blocks. During the laying of the carpet tiles, due to various reasons, the splicing of some carpets may occasionally fluff. At this time, you can trim the hair with scissors or use a heat gun, but pay attention to the trimming gestures and the temperature control of the hot air to avoid damage to the carpet.

2) Carpet tiles are easy to install. As long as they are not careless, they can be installed well. There are many carpet materials on the market, but the installation method is the same. Don’t worry about this. It is most important when installing carpet tiles. The thing is to calculate the area of ​​the room, and don’t buy too much or too little carpet.

Finished product protection:

1) Protect the finished project that has been completed. During transportation and construction operations, door frames, wallpaper, and skirting boards should be protected. Pay attention to the stacking height of the carpet after entering the site, and keep it away from wind, rain, moisture, and pressure.

2) Clean up the debris on the carpet in time, clean the contaminated parts during the operation, and close the doors and windows after finishing work.

3) After the carpet is laid, it is necessary to clean the surface and lay a carpet protective film to protect the already laid ground.

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