Carpet Fixing

Carpet Installation

Hala Furniture offers carpet installation services in Dubai, which are quite professional and experienced level. If you want to install any rugs in your room on your own then you first measure the area you need for carpeting. Then check the quality of the rugs and prepare your room. However, if you don’t want to get into these complex steps, don’t worry we will handle it all. Hala Furniture provides the best carpet fixing services and also have the ability to fix damaged carpet area. We provide the best services at your doorstep.

Why Carpet installation is necessary?

Professional carpet installation protects your investment, one of the biggest outlays you’ll make in your house. Second, the floor is usually the largest square footage area of a room, so it’s obvious and becomes a showcase for your style. In colder climates or seasons, carpet retains warm air longer than other flooring types. In addition to keeping your home Pleasant in the winter, this attribute conserves energy. Carpet also provides a comfortable place to sit, play, or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling. It looks nice if installed properly. However, rugs in Dubai don’t need installation because of their size. Just buy and lay down.

If you want to change the environment in your office and want that your employees take interest in your work then you change your office look so the carpet is one of them that makes your office looks incredible. Choose the best carpet design that makes your office wonderful then employees enjoy their work in the office.

Professional Team of Carpet Installers in Dubai

Here in the following, you can find the tips if you are willing to install carpet on your own.

How to install carpet accurately:

If you want to install carpet then gathered the tool and measure the room length and width. Before you begin laying your carpet, the existing floor will have to be properly prepared. If you are replacing existing flooring, you’ll need to remove the old floor before starting. Use some steps in the carpet fitting process. Clean your room and prepare the floor. If you are installing carpet over concrete, check for moisture or damage to the floor. Any cracks should be filled in with waterproof filler and leveled. If the carpet will span between two rooms, you may consider taking doors off their hinges so you can comfortably access the floor as you work.

Install the track strip that is made of wood. Make sure to leave about a half inch of space between the strip and the wall and that there are no spaces between each strip. It is important that the tacks angle toward the wall so they will grip the carpet properly. Then use the padded underlying layer on the floor that makes the floor comfortable to walk on, and also keeps your carpet from rippling or bunching up. You’ll want to lay the underlay sections perpendicular to the direction you plan on laying your carpet. Before laying the carpet in the room, cut each strip to size, but be sure to add an extra 6” to make sure you have plenty of room to trim it down. Cutting it too short will waste the entire strip. Starting in the center of any given wall, place the toothed end of the kicker facing the wall, about three inches away. Then, kick your knee into the tool to force the carpet into the wall.