Why a personalized or custom made carpet?

Just like the sign or the window sticker, the personalized carpet is an essential tool for an efficient reception of visitors and perfect visibility of your visual identity. In fact, when you enter an unknown place or pass through a door, your gaze instinctively falls on the ground. Remember when you were a child: you played to avoid the “crocodiles” by skipping the lines of the tiles?

Today, inkjet printing technology makes it possible to use this floor as a communication medium. Very widespread in Middle-East and Nordic countries, personalized rugs and other logo rugs have been developing in UAE for a few years. Identical to the welcome mats set up by linen rental companies, the personalized Hala Furniture mat is first and foremost a real barrier to dirt and humidity (personalized mat with absorbent fibers and non-slip rubber sole)

Benefits of the custom carpet for a business

  • The personalized carpet is ideal for welcoming your visitors
  • The personalized carpet supports the visual identity of your premises and points of sale
  • It is used to convey and transmit information (signage on the ground)
  • Dirt barrier (retains 80% of the moisture in the soles)
  • Machine washable rugs at 60 ° C
  • Professional mats for POS

But we also offer a whole range of polyamide POS mats on vinyl or latex soles to ensure efficient ground communication at the best cost. Custom carpet solutions are multiple and depend on your project. The ideal is to contact us to discuss it

Get a quote quickly

We are at your disposal to define the best solution for your project and configuration. Our mission: to offer you the best option at the best price! If you attach your visual to your request, we can simulate your carpet for you (free of charge and without obligation on your part)