50mm Artificial Grass

50mm Artificial Grass

50mm artificial grass will save you from the trouble of watering, mowing, and fertilizing the lawn, and makes your garden always green in four seasons. This artificial grass with 50-millimeter hair is a very basic, soft, and textured artificial grass in brown, with four colors. Hala Furniture offers you the best quality and a huge range of artificial grass.

Usage Areas of 50mm Synthetic Grass

50mm artificial grass is used in many places some are explained here.


50mm artificial grass is used in the gym. Gym turf is made to last, with the ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic, dropped weights, weighted workout equipment, rigorous sled pushes, and more. The risk of falls and injuries could be greatly minimized with this cushioning.


Installing artificial grass to part of your driveway will help prevent water wastage and be kinder to the environment. This makes installing artificial turf on a driveway far better than having a concrete or paved driveway a big cause of surface water run-off. The quality of artificial grass is now so good that it looks just like the real thing. It would look amazing on your driveway, and far softer and more natural than paving or concrete. This natural look can be achieved for very little maintenance, as it will not need mowing, feeding, or watering.

One of the Best 50mm Artificial Grass Supplier

The training and competition on the artificial turf will be different, mainly because the speed of the ball will increase, and the movement of the ball will change more. Turf is many helpful for people Hala Furniture gives you the best services at your doorstep and enjoys at a reasonable price. 50mm artificial grass has many features and it can use in many places.


50mm artificial grass has great features with its sustainability.


50mm artificial grass is durable. The materials used in making turf are extremely durable. it has no smell and is easy to maintain and clean.

Smooth surface:

Natural grass can develop dips and humps that cause injuries when children and pets are playing and running in the garden. The surface of turf is always evenly smooth and it is a great ability. It can’t create any problems for players during the game.


Fake grass does not grow and does not create any bacteria that are harmful to health. Goodbye to natural grass and welcome to the turf and enjoy in all seasons. It is free from any type of bacteria.

Pets and Dog friendly:

50mm artificial grass is mostly used for pets and dogs. Many dog owners are turning to artificial grass as the solution to many problems. Artificial turf offers many benefits to dog owners and it’s little wonder that many dog and pet owners are turning to fake turf. It’s suitable for dogs. At natural grass, the dogs dig the surface and create a mess at the place.