45mm Artificial Grass

45mm Artificial Grass

45mm artificial grass range is capable of transforming any dull space into a luxurious haven. Place it indoors or out, it’s sure to accentuate your surroundings when you are looking for a 45mm turf. We have a wide range of products to choose from and Hala Furniture team professionals are on hand to offer advice and guidance.

Where we can use it?

Artificial grass that has been specially designed for balconies, sports surfaces, offices, and nurseries to create your very own back garden putting green.


Your standard office can be a boring, lifeless environment to work in. Fake grass will revitalize an office and help to make staff feel like they are working in the great outdoors and, who knows, they may even enjoy coming in to work. Creating a better environment for staff to work in increases productivity within the workplace, and makes the synthetic grass a fantastic investment.

Sports surface:

45mm artificial grass is now widely used for other sports, including football, tennis, hockey, and cricket pitches. Sports pitches must look in perfect condition to ensure that sportsmen and women can play to the best of their abilities. When using this turf then there is no risk of injury for sports persons.


One way to brighten up balconies is to introduce some green to the area. Fake grass also tends to be much cheaper to install on a balcony than real grass, as materials are easy to transport and the ground preparation for fake turf is quick and easy to complete. It gives you a beautiful look on your balcony.


Many nurseries are turning to artificial grass. It can use to transform areas of patchy grass or concrete and paving quickly and easily. Kids also love playing on artificial grass and budding footballers will feel like they are playing on natural grass.

Why we are the best?
Artificial grass is free from harmful substances. If you would like to transform your office space with artificial grass, feel free to view Hala Furniture’s range of 45mm artificial grass that is fit for the job. We provide the best services and work more to improve our quality.

The Best Collection of 45mm Artificial Grass


There are many specifications of artificial grass here some are utilized.

Less care:

45mm artificial grass has no need of care like natural grass. Cutting, mowing, and watering are necessary for natural glass but artificial grass has not to need all of this.


One of the best features is that it does not need fertilization like natural grass. You just install the turf and enjoy it for many years. This grass is best for those people who have no time to care for the natural grass so they install it.

Chemical free:

Artificial grass is free from chemicals. There is no use of harsh chemicals. It does not affect child and animal health so people prefer 45mm artificial grass for caring for health.