40mm Artificial Grass

40mm Artificial Grass

This 40mm Artificial Grass is a fantastic value realistic-looking grass. The curled fibers also support the straight green fibers and give a bouncy, springy base that feels great underfoot. Rainwater is no problem for this artificial turf as it is permeable and has drainage holes so the water will drain through. Besides that Hala Furniture is one of the best carpets suppliers but also has a variety of synthetic grass in its product collection. We offer not only products but professional services as well. Contact us now for your green outdoor landscaping project.

Where it can use mostly?

It can be used at many places for different purposes some people like to install it on their rooftops, hotels, and special occasions.

Rooftop Gardens

One way to brighten up rooftop gardens is to introduce 40mm of artificial grass to the area. On rooftops, artificial grass can add some green welcome to the area. Artificial grass also tends to be much cheaper to install on a rooftop than real grass, as materials are easy to transport and the ground preparation for fake turf is quick and easy to complete.

Special Occasions

Artificial grass is a great way to decorate stands for special occasions. If you have ever run a stand at an occasion you’ll know that it’s important to attract as much attention as possible, and turf is an excellent way to turn heads with its natural, warming look. It makes your occasion the best. It is easy to install and easily rolled back after celebrating your special occasion.


Grass areas in hotels can suffer from the same problems as they can in a residential garden – weeds and moss growth look very unsightly and can make a hotel appear run-down. Many hotels frequently host weddings and, once again, artificial grass trumps real grass here. This is because even after a heavy downpour there is no mud or mess with artificial grass.

Sports Surface

Synthetic grass is created for use in sports pitches. This is because sports pitches receive frequent, heavy use. The high levels of usage meant that grounds maintenance staff had difficulties in ensuring that the pitch was looking at its best, week in, week out. It’s also important that sports pitches look in perfect condition to ensure that sportsmen and women can play to the best of their abilities without the risk of injury. 40mm grass is one of the best options for sports playgrounds.


The 40mm fake grass is environmentally friendly, child and pet friendly and needs low maintenance with no watering or mowing required. Furthermore, due to its more thickness as compared to 35mm artificial turf; it provides a softer feel to feet.

Environment friendly:

One of the good benefits of 40mm artificial grass is that it is environmentally friendly and free of lead and cadmium. It needs low maintenance. Moreover, this grass has used in any place indoors and outdoors.

Dry Quickly:

This fake synthetic grass has the ability to dry quickly after rainfall so they are perfect for kids or pets to go out and play on without all the mud! This grass has a quick dryness quality.

Easy maintenance:

Artificial grass requires little attention and it is easy to maintain. Many people give it priority to install it due to its low maintenance.