35mm Artificial Grass

35mm Artificial Grass

The 35mm artificial grass is a perfect starter grass with an increased depth of pile, which provides a more natural look and feel. This grass is perfect for all types of sports. That kind of imitated grass is specified to cover the lawn and playgrounds especially. This grass has a big fact that you can use at any place where you want. Hala Furniture gives the best services and also provides you with better quality at a reasonable price. These prescribed reasons make us one of the best turf suppliers in Dubai. Also, feel free to leave us any of the questions you may have regarding artificial grass and we’ll do our best to answer them accordingly.

Usage Areas of 35mm Synthetic Grass

When places it can be used for a different purpose. 35mm artificial grass is good for all places some places are explained here.

Exhibition Stands:

If you have ever run a stand at an exhibition you’ll know that it’s important to attract as much attention as possible, and counterfeit grass is an excellent way to turn heads as its natural, warming look will attract passers-by. It can easily mount on display stands that are used to show off your products. It is also temporarily installed fake grass on the floor of your stand and, as it can easily roll back up and be stored after the event has finished, it can continue to use for future events and exhibitions.


35 mm grass used in lawns you also enjoy with children, playing and painting in your holiday. You also feel its softness and it is best for your home environment.


You install 35mm artificial grass in playgrounds. Children also love playing on artificial grass and budding footballers will feel like they are playing on the hallowed turf at Webley. It’s great for play areas that have climbing frames. During winter months, grass areas are no-go areas due to the potential for mud and mess.


This artificial grass has many features and different people use artificial grass for many purposes.

Comfortable and soft:

35mm artificial grass is super soft and has extra cushion under the foot. This turf makes use of straight and curled yarns with compact and hard-working thatch.

Child Friendly

This artificial grass does not contain any harmful substances or sharp compounds. Your children will be free to play and roam the garden safely. It gives your child a real turf feeling when they play in the garden and have fun with their friends.

Pet friendly

35 mm artificial grass is safe and suitable for all types of pets. It is much safer than 30mm artificial turf due to its more height. Your pet will be free to explore the garden without bringing mucky paws back through the house. You just clean the turf each day for your pets hygienically healthy.

Weather friendly

Your artificial lawn will survive the harshest winter as ice and snow will simply drain away once melted, while hot sunshine will not fade or discolor the fibers.

No Mowing

When you install 35mm grass then you do not need mowing in your lawn like natural grass. You just install it and enjoy your time without watering or mowing your lawn.