20mm Artificial Grass

20mm Artificial Grass

The artificial grass will save you from the trouble of watering, mowing, and fertilizing the lawn, and makes your garden always green in four seasons. This artificial grass with 20-millimeter hair. It is a very basic, soft, and textured artificial grass in brown, with four colors. Hala furniture offers you the best quality and a huge range of turf. The model turf is very versatile and perfect for pets. Other uses for this grass are terraces, events, public works, and large extensions.

Why we are the best?

The garden ash 20 mm budget artificial grasses are made if 100% polypropylene sends stainless fibers. Hala Furniture gives you the best quality and we built our customer trust. We install turf at a reasonable price with the best services. We provide you best quality in exchange for a few charges, compares with other relevant suppliers. We listen to our customers and try to fulfill their requirements. We care for your kids and provide a good softness for kids’ playing area. Also, create a good view of your balcony.


Synthetic grass has a soft texture. Due to its softness, it has many features. Some features are mentioned there.

Low maintenance:

Artificial turf does not need watering or fertilization. It always stays green in different seasons. You just need to install and enjoy it.

Chemical free:

Turf has no use for any type of chemical. Artificial grass is made of synthetic. It has not used any type of poisonous material that affects anyone’s health.


20 mm artificial grass has a very useful feature that you can use for a long time. If just install turf and do not have a problem changing or care it.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass:

Your pet also enjoys it in your garden it looks like natural grass. You do not need to worry that your pets are not happy with the turf that looks so natural and pets adjust to a 20 mm artificial grass environment.

Where it can be used:

20 mm artificial grass used in terraces, gardens, balconies, events, and public places because it has a thick layer and waterproof quality,


A lot of customers prefer 20mm synthetic grass that is mostly being used on the terrace as it does not need to be watered. So, people use this grass on the terrace because it enhances the beauty of the terrace.


Many people like to install 20 mm grass in their gardens. Natural grass is damaged due to sunlight and needs proper care. People use artificial grass which reduces the time. Another reason is that some places are not suitable for gardening.


You install it on the balcony to create a beautiful look. You can use any type of thing like a sofa, Table and sitting bench on this turf on the balcony it can’t be damaged and stay soft.


You should use it in any events like parties and functions. It creates the best environment and people enjoy their parties and functions with the softness of 20mm artificial grass.