15mm Artificial Grass

15mm Artificial Grass

The following size 15mm artificial Grass is perhaps our most solid counterfeit grass. Hala Furniture has a wide range in its artificial grass stock: no doubt, it is one of the best. It is a fantastic option for your yard; this fake synthetic grass includes a heavenly twisted heap in a strong mid-green tone. It is ideal as a super durable yard or a shoddy putting green. It is ready to be laid on decking, overhangs, and any place in your garden that belongs to your home or office. The best nature of this 15mm grass is its toughness and sturdiness. It is fitted with a plastic sponsorship that permits water seepage and adds additional strength. So, we suggest you install this grass for your beautiful patch.

Hala Furniture Dubai has a large variety and most qualitative artificial grass collection which plays an important role in making your workplace or residential area more appealing. We are professionals in the field of arrangements, including counterfeit grass frameworks. Our items are exceptionally respected because of their imaginative item range, cutting-edge creation outline, and ceaseless quality control agenda. Hala Furniture is proficient in installing synthetic turf and creating a natural look for your places.


There are many important and decent qualities of 15mm artificial grass and here we are going to discuss some of its major features.
• This size is perfect for recreational areas where a large number of people visit.
• As we speak before, this is best in heavy-moment areas like recreational parks and grounds because of its durability and toughness.
• The surface of grass is more resistant to absorbing water. The water flows on this turf very smoothly.
• When we come to its maintenance, it is very easy and simple. You can easily get it clean and even wash it with little effort.
• It has the strength to bear extreme weather conditions too. Heavy rain or snowing is not a matter of it.
• Its blades are soft and smooth and that is better for children and pets. So, you can choose it if you have pets and children to play on it.
• Last but not least, it is very cost-effective. With fewer pennies, you can have your artificial grass as compared to other sizes.

Where it can be used:

Artificial grass with a pile size of 15mm is best for public places it is much denser than 10mm artificial turf. For example, you can use it in parks, playgrounds, and gardens. As we have spoken before, places with dense people traffic like recreational areas are suitable for this type of turf. It is also highly efficient for your home and offices. The small garden and orchards can be decorated with 15MM grass. It is also best for playground pitches because of its resilience and durability.